Read The Bible


Read The Bible

J.I. Packer once wrote that Christianity is "a religion that rests on revelation." No one would be able to know the truth about God or relate to him in a meaningful way, had God not first acted to make himself known. We rejoice in the fact that God has so acted, he has revealed himself in the writings of the Bible. 

In 2020 we want to encourage you to grow in your knowledge of God as you grow in your knowledge of His word. To that end, we invite you to join us as we read through the Bible this year.

The Gospel Coalition has put out a plan to aid individuals and churches in reading through the entire Bible in 2020.  All the resources you'll need to get started can be accessed by clicking here, or you can download a simple copy of the reading plan here

One of the great things about this particular plan is that in addition to the resources provided by The Gospel Coalition, there are several outlets that allow you to listen the the Scriptures if you so desire. You can do so by subscribing to this podcast, downloading the ESV Bible app (which will allow you to subscribe to the plan and have the passages read out loud to you), or you can download the Dwell app and subscribe to the plan there. Dwell is perhaps the most user friendly choice, but it does require payment. While we are on the topic of listening, don't forget to subscribe to D.A. Carson's devotional podcast on the M'Cheyne plan here.

Feel free to reach out to Nick if you have any questions.